Friday, June 5, 2009

2 Flash Setup

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This posting is for those of you out their that have asked me about lighting setups or for those that just want a new creative way to expose your subjects. On this shoot i worked with another local photographer Jesus aka G-sus Photos and our subject was his girlfriend Daphne. Gf/Bf and family member typically make good subject with needed for testing and trying out new things. The photo diagrams I think are self explanatory. I used a Canon 580ex II and 430ex II. Jesus being a Nikon shooter, used an SB-800 and SB-600 (thats the equipment i X-ed out.)

The photo where I drew in the flash heads I made a snoot out of a thick newspaper ad and rapped it over both my flashes. I crossed the flashes on eachother pointing the higher end (580) at her face and the smaller (430) on her feet.

The other set of photos I used an umbrella to bounce the flash overhead onto her face and continued to use the snoot. The smaller flash was used with the umbrella to spread the light out over her upper body and the bigger flash was snooted onto her lower half.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Retro Shoot with Tania

Shoot was done on 5-16-09
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This is the first of a series of shoot I have lined up with an up and coming Makeup Artist (MUA)/ Hairstylist. Her name is Ninfa Hernandez and can be reached at
Shoot took place around Noon at Tania's house (the model's). I wasn't too thrilled at first before the shoot due to the fact I hadn't met the model (typically i like to meet the models and get to know them before the shoot so we are both comfortable working together.) Surprisingly enough we had a great time. She asked if she can have a few drinks before we started to take the edge off. This works great if your dealing with an older model that knows how to drink and wont get more then a bit tipsy during the shoot.

All together the shoot took about 45mins to and hour including setup time and cleanup. I like to show up after hair and makeup are finished, this saves me wasting time. During the last few finishing touches on the model I briefly scouted the area for props, lighting, and location. I feel in love with a wall and a decoration hanging in the living room. This room was perfect due to the lighting coming in through the window, i only need to use my 580 ex II speed-lite flash bounced off the umbrella at low power for fill flash.

Thanks to Ninfa's amazing work my post work has been quick and painless. Plans have be mentioned but not talked about in details about shooting with that model again and I am really looking foward to it she was great.

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